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"Naked Narratives was a home away from home for me. Not only did I find home in the strength, love support, and inspiration of the community of womyn around me, but through Naked Narratives, I came to find more meaningful ways to come home to myself and come home to my body."

— Monica Ramsy (Spring 2014 participant)


"Feminist Jheanelle Garriques is blazing a barefooted trail across the art community with her Naked Narratives writing salon. A humanitarian at heart, Jheanelle’s passion is helping people find and define themselves. Her latest project looks to do just that, in a very revealing way... the group promises to be – like each participant – a one-of-a-kind event."

— Awesome Without Borders

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"[It] was a life changing experience for me; no exaggeration. The experience has shifted my feminist identity into another sphere, one far less cynical and wounded. In short, these women have healed me. Merely by having stories that reminded me of my own [they gave] me further courage to believe in the essential reality of the female experience. As an activist, I feel that Naked Narratives has been an essential aid in developing my role as a source of support and healing for other women. It has also silenced many of the self-defeating voices in my head that might have stood in my way before. I would gladly participate again and I would recommend the experience to any and all of the other women in my life."

— Althea Capra (Spring 2014 Participant)

"I am endlessly grateful for the opportunity to participate in Naked Narratives and share that experience with a community of such beautiful, talented, powerful women. Thanks for the reminder that pain can be powerful, fear can be beautiful, and that there's no reason to keep your wild heart in a cage. There is a certain potent magic in sharing the experience of being a female-bodied human in this world. We may all have our own individual trials and triumphs, our own narratives to lay bare, but together we tell a much larger story. 

Stated as concisely as possible, Naked Narratives is the cunt's meow."

— Michelle Tersolo (Spring 2014 participant)