FOUNDER & executive director

Jheanelle Garriques is a refreshingly eccentric feminist scholar born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. Ms. Garriques received her degree in Gender Studies from the University of Southern California in 2015, where she also worked at the Media, Diversity, and Social Change Initiative, a media research lab dedicated to breaking gendered and racial barriers in film and television. After presenting their research at the 2014 Sundance Film Festival, Jheanelle Garriques was offered her first grant by world renowned philanthropist, Ruth Ann Harnisch, and Naked Narratives began.

Ms. Garriques is affiliated with multiple fellowships and organizations, including The Smithsonian Institution, The Huntington Foundation,  the Women's Center for Creative Work, The Posse Foundation, and the American Studies Association. When she is not working on the project, Ms. Garriques can be found dancing, cooking, or chatting in patois with her family.

jamie lew
art director

Jamie Lew is an artist and culture creator—an art director, illustrator, designer, filmmaker, producer, dancer, and strong independent woman. Her passion for pop culture and the ephemeral nature of live performance has led her to work with visionaries such as Amy Tinkham, Josh Zangen, Nick Whitehouse, Nikos Lagousakos, Nina McNeely, Tom Buderwitz, and Takeshi Kata for clients such as Harry Belafonte, James Taylor, Dancing with the Stars, Ringling Bros. Circus, Steven Tyler, Paula Abdul, and Disney Music Group. Whether producing artistic renderings or developing the emotional content of a performance, Jamie is ultimately interested in creating the moment when every member of an audience feels oddly at home, sitting in a theatre full of strangers.



Carissa Mosley

Carissa Mosley is an artist, photographer, and filmmaker living in Los Angeles (with the world at her footsteps). Possessing a passion for travel, photojournalism and social justice, she has traveled across the globe photographing for various humanitarian organizations. This has led her from the frontlines of the Ukrainian Russian War to the canoes of the Badjao tribe in the Philippines. She has also spent time on the road with Native American photographer, Matika Wilbur, recording a film for Project 562, an ongoing project giving voice to the 562 tribes living in the United States. Mosley’s ultimate goal is to capture the unique essence and experience of individuals through portraiture. In addition to her passion for storytelling, travel, and social justice she enjoys creating meditational art installations, illuminating experiences of wonder and awe. She is ecstatic to join the Naked Narratives team to tell the powerful stories of women worldwide.  When she is not telling stories or making art, she can be found at home cooking with her family in Texas.

Anna Viorica Engelhardt
Social Media &
Marketing Intern

Anna Viorica Engelhardt is a passionate German feminist and blogger that is currently pursuing her B.A. in American Studies at Cal State Pomona. In her studies she focuses on gender, ethnicity, and women’s history, with particular interest in storytelling. Vio believes in the power of words, as they add to the strength of our actions. Having lived on three continents, her interest in traveling and her hunger for learning are ever growing. Most importantly, they are her primary motivation for empowering and educating women across the globe to become their truest, most self-confident, and loving selves. Since Vio was a child she has enjoyed dancing, playing music, and writing poetry; always trusting the magnetic, therapeutic power of art and community.

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