2013-10-14 18.26.07.jpg
Chase these white women

with their pretty blonde locks
and their uncooked flesh
bloody pink pussies

and I hope that every time 
you penetrate them

Your dick gets a little bit lighter
Your pockets get a little bit fatter
Your soul becomes more validated

If you're lucky 

you can have their babies 
clean white slight raced 
moon faced erasures

so soon they too
Your legacy 
can know the privileges 
you never will

Take them
To Grandma's

who loves light-skinned niggers 
who thinks Obama is great
who watches Cool Runnings on videotape

who buys the gifts 
grandpa always seems to forget
a lie he tells to cover for 
the brazilian bundles
he's sending my ass

My fat black ass
My thick black lips
My dark skinned hips
Your birthright. 

Stay shameful.
It suits you

like the only color you want to wear
a post-race beige 
caramel, taupe, or tan
anything bland
to hide the 


We all see
Inside you.

September 2017