The Twins' Peak

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The Twins' Peak


The first quarter moon is a time of wild, free flowing imagination. It is spring’s first blossom, morning’s first light, and the child who still believes it can fly. Breath in this spirit as we break in one of February’s most powerful celestial cycles, the moon’s transition from Taurus to Gemini.

Post last month’s first blue moon and pre next month’s final blue moon, the first quarter moon in Gemini offers tremendous opportunities for creating and actualizing intentions. This season bigger is better and to honor this energy we’re featuring renowned sound healer, Janine Hayward, for a Woodstock’s first ever sound bath.

Don your mystical clothing, release your inhibitions, and get ready for the unexpected; anything can happen as The Twins’ Peak.

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Please Note:

To honor the first quarter moon in Gemini we will be activating our throat chakra with a narrative therapy workshop and meditative sound bath.

·      To do so we ask that you please wear something blue. Think comfortable, lavish, and mischievous.

·      We also ask all participants to bring the following items:

  • Sacred item/s you’d like to energize (i.e. crystals, pictures, keepsakes)
  • Sacrificial Item/s you’d like to release (i.e. letters, clothing, photos)

·      Finally, please inform us if you have any food allergies as we will be consuming drinking medicinal teas.