1 Day Program


1 Day Program

from 65.00

It only takes 1 day to change forever.

Truly indulge in what Naked Narratives has to offer. You and your choice of participants can enjoy a unique narrative therapy program, carefully curated into just 6 hours of programming. 

This includes:

  • Identity Building Exercises

    -Reconnecting With Your Inner Child

    -Kindness Baths

    -Mirror Mantras

  • Soul Strengthening Techniques

    -Radical Displays of Self-Love

    -Empowering Affirmations

    -Stereotype Deconstruction

    -Active Listening Training

  • Creative Celebrations


    -Street Art Self Portraits

    -Multicultural Adornment Practice

Not to mention an opportunity to write creatively using our signature curriculum!

**Please note that there is only one body part and one adornment practice offered in this program.


Per Person or Collectively:
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Per person tickets are only available to groups of 20 or more people.